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How to prepare for the delivery of semen: recommendations of experts


Male seed is sensitive to almost all processes occurring in the human body. Whether it is alcohol, or proper nutrition - the quality of sperm will definitely change. On the basis of this, certain rules were formed that must be followed to eliminate negative factors. We will try to tell you what spermogram is, about preparing for it, and how to get it right.

Spermogram indications

Spermogram is performed to determine the physicochemical properties of the ejaculate. A general analysis provides the most complete picture of the state of sperm, of sperm motility, and may serve as a pretext for the appointment of other studies. Spermogram is appointed in the presence of such factors:

  • pregnancy planning,
  • inability to conceive for more than 1 year,
  • the presence of varicose veins in the genitals,
  • injuries or scars after surgery,
  • infections,
  • hormonal imbalance
  • before IVF or superovulation.

In addition, an appointment for examination is carried out as treatment control measures or as a preventive measure. For the examination, preparation for spermogram is a necessary condition and includes giving up bad habits, heat baths, certain medicines, salty and fatty foods, and having sex for 7 days.

It is important to remember that there are such states of the body and external factors in which the effectiveness of the analysis is significantly reduced.

Doctors identify a number of contraindications to the test:

  • within 3 months there was an increased temperature up to 38-39 degrees,
  • taking antibiotics and other medications that affect the quality of sperm in the last 3 months,
  • within 7 days after intercourse,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • after thermal procedures
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • in case of urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis or orchitis,
  • after prostate massage.

How to take semen

Preparing for semen includes 2 stages. The first step is to follow the rules before taking the seminal fluid, and the second is to properly collect sperm. On how to take spermogram usually tells the doctor, as this is the main analysis of infertility. Let us tell in more detail about each stage.

Preparing for semen

The results of the analysis - the fruit of their own efforts. Before conducting a study, it is important to consider all factors and treat them with caution. The mobility of sperm cells, their general condition and even form depend largely on the lifestyle of the man, therefore preparation for laboratory research is important.

How to prepare for semen:

  1. The duration of the preparation. It is important to remember that in 7 days of positive effects on germ cells, you can minimize the effect of a negative effect on the ejaculate.
  2. Bad habits. At the time of preparation, it is important to abandon alcohol and narcotic drugs. Alcohol greatly reduces sperm motility, narrows the lumen of the tubules, has a negative effect on the testes.
  3. Exclusion of contraindications. It is important to remember that contraindications include such factors that reduce the quality of the ejaculate, because in preparation it is important to build on them. Antibiotics, inflammatory diseases and other factors should be excluded.
  4. The right temperature. Sex cells at high temperatures gradually die off and their mobility is significantly reduced. Baths, saunas and hot baths are the cause of reduced male fertility. It is also important to abandon the synthetic and tight linen, which squeeze the genitals and cause debate.
  5. Nutrition. To improve the quality of sperm is important to eat right. It is recommended to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible before serving, especially nuts, bananas, asparagus, apples, avocados, garlic, tomatoes and pomegranates. It is important to exclude from the diet smoked foods, fatty meats, sausages, over-salty foods.
  6. Sex. Abstinence before the delivery of semen helps eliminate fluctuations in the quality of the ejaculate and most objectively assess the body's effect on the germ cells.
  7. Medication. Antibiotics most strongly affect the seminal fluid and spermatogenesis, so before the examination after antibiotic therapy should take at least 2-3 months. At the primary appointment with a doctor, you need to list all the medications taken, some of which the doctor will ask you to cancel for the duration of the preparation.
  8. Stress. It is important to avoid overloading, as they strongly influence hormonal levels and can cause qualitative changes in germ cells.

Repeated analysis requires similar training.

How to take semen

Spermogram as a preparation requires mandatory abstinence from bad habits, thermal procedures, sex life, medications and certain foods. If the preparation for the analysis was correct, you can go on testing.

The first thing that is important to remember in order to properly pass sperm - hygiene of the genitals. You need to wear clean cotton underwear and comfortable clothes. Before the immediate procedure should wash hands and genitals without using soap.

It is important to remember that the material is sampled using self-masturbation. In the laboratory, the patient is provided with a sterile vessel and a separate room to create the analysis material. After collection, the patient immediately gives the seminal fluid to the laboratory staff.

Separate laboratories are allowed to take sperm at home, but it must be delivered no later than 2 hours later. 3 hours after ejaculation, seminal fluid is unsuitable for research. Repeated analysis is done in 1-2 weeks.

What is spermogram for?

Spermogram is carried out for an objective assessment of the quantity and quality of ejaculate, its constituent elements. Thanks to these criteria, a conclusion is drawn about male fertility. The analysis is simple to perform and effective if all the rules for preparing and delivering the material are followed.

Spermogram carried out in dynamics, for a full observation of biological processes. With re-examination, the attending physician can determine the cause of the inability to fertilize and prescribe the treatment of infertility in men. Timely diagnosis and treatment of various pathological processes is the key to the restoration of reproductive function.

The rules for the delivery of semen are the basis of the reliability of the analysis results. To prepare for the delivery of seminal fluid, it is necessary to refrain from bad habits, sexual life, reduce the amount of salty and fatty foods, avoid heat baths and take into account the effects of drugs. Improve semen can be the elimination of negative factors and proper nutrition.

It is important to remember about hygiene before taking the material and the timing of testing in the laboratory. Did you have to change your habits for testing?

Basic indications for the procedure

Most often, this procedure is assigned to those representatives of a strong half of humanity who are thinking about having posterity. Usually for the sperm, come those men who have not had children for a long period of time. So, the most common reason for spermograms (how to prepare for the analysis, you will read in this article) is pregnancy planning. Using this method, you can determine whether a man is able to conceive viable offspring at all. Also, the procedure will be able to show whether a member of the stronger sex is barren.

Spermogram is also prescribed by doctors in preparation for in vitro fertilization (artificial introduction of sperm into the egg).

The main causes of male infertility

There are many reasons contributing to male infertility. Before you understand how to prepare for the delivery of semen, you need to determine what caused the fact that a man can not have children. Consider the most common causes of this phenomenon:

  • In the first place is to put the wrong lifestyle. Improper diet, as well as the abuse of bad habits often lead to the fact that sperm simply lose their physical activity and vitality.
  • Injuries to male genitals.
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases, as well as hormonal disruptions, bearing a variety of etymologies.

Every man should accustom himself to take care of his health, and then there is no need to answer the question how to prepare for the spermogram.

The essence of the procedure

For semen analysis, semen is taken. The procedure itself is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, the basic indicators of sperm are studied, that is, its viscosity, color, consistency, volume and time period for which it is diluted. After that, a more detailed study is conducted. Its purpose is to determine the total sperm count per milliliter of the test liquid. Using a microscope, you can determine the number of moving bodies, as well as learn their structure, and find all sorts of pathology.

How to prepare for the delivery of semen to a man

In order for this procedure to show the most accurate results, it is very important to thoroughly prepare for it. Decoding the results, as well as the precise definition of the diagnosis, will depend on the correct approach. That is why it is very important to study in detail how to prepare for the delivery of semen to a man.

It is very important a week before the procedure to start eating properly. For this, be sure to revise your diet. Eliminate fatty and fried foods, as well as drinks containing caffeine. Such products can significantly reduce the amount of sperm produced, as well as reduce the number of motile sperm.

It is very important to consume a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements. After all, they are responsible for the quality of sperm. An insufficient amount of nutrients simply leads to the fact that in the male body will not mature enough sperm.

Abstinence before the semen

This may sound strange, but it is very important to abstain from sexual pleasures for a while before performing the procedure. The best is considered a time interval of two to three days. But do not hold abstinence before taking spermograms for more than a week. This recommendation requires unquestioning implementation. Very frequent intercourse will contribute to the fact that the number of sperm is significantly reduced, and hence the number of viable sperm will decrease. At the same time, prolonged abstinence will not bring anything good either. After all, the number of old sperm will accumulate, which will lead to the formation of degenerative forms that will be completely unviable.

Elimination of the use of alcoholic beverages

In preparation for the delivery of semen it is very important to abandon the use of alcohol-containing beverages in any form. As you know, alcohol can have a negative effect on sperm, changing their shape, slowing mobility, as well as simply destroying them. That is why completely give up alcohol, as well as any other substances of a narcotic nature. If you use a large amount of alcohol, even if the spermogram will show good results, the likelihood that the spermatozoa will not be able to fertilize the egg is not excluded.

Relief of inflammatory processes

The rules for taking spermograms also include monitoring general male health. If a man suffers from diseases of the urogenital system such as prostatitis or urethritis, then it is very important to get rid of them completely before conducting a study. To do this, be sure to consult a specialist, and complete a course of treatment.

Spermogram can be done at least a week after the inflammatory processes in the body were stopped. During this period, all drugs are removed from the body, which can also affect the results of the analysis.

Cure a cold

The conditions for taking spermograms will be ideal only if during the time of the study the man does not suffer from catarrhal and other viral pathologies that are accompanied by an elevated body temperature. Consider that the increase in temperature has a negative effect on spermatozoa, therefore, the procedure can be carried out only after complete recovery. Doctors advise to come to the hospital only two weeks after full recovery.

Refuse to intentionally warm the body

As is known, the temperature in the scrotum is slightly different from the total body temperature. It is usually one to two degrees lower, and is approximately 34-35 degrees Celsius. However, if a person visits a bath or sauna, or for a long time is under the scorching sun, the body begins to warm up excessively, and the male reproductive system, including. Therefore, refuse to go to the sauna a week before the procedure.

Stress is a nuisance

Many representatives of the stronger sex are wondering how to properly prepare for the delivery of semen. A man must comply with all the recommendations of the doctor. Only in this case, you can get the most accurate results, and make the correct diagnosis. As you know, stressful situations have a negative impact on the life of a man, and on his seminal fluid, including.

Any emotional overstrain changes hormones. If at the moment in your life there is a series of stresses, it is better to postpone the trip to the hospital, and bring your nervous system to a normal state. Get some rest, and protect yourself from surrounding problems. Any changes in the hormonal system will also lead to changes in the spermogram itself.

The importance of rest

According to the reviews, the delivery of semen can cause a number of difficulties, which is why at the time of collection of seminal fluid, the patient should be as rested and vigorous as possible. Otherwise, you can get the wrong results of sperm, or even make this procedure impossible. After all, the process of collecting sperm implies the presence of an erect male sexual organ.

Features of the study

Before the procedure is very important to understand how to properly prepare for the delivery of semen. After all, the result of this analysis will primarily depend on the patient. Procurement of seminal fluid can be done in several ways. The best of them is considered to be masturbation in a special office of the medical center. However, some representatives of the stronger sex can not do this for psycho-emotional reasons. In this case, you can get sperm during interrupted sexual intercourse, or during masturbation, but outside the walls of a medical institution.

Sperm should be collected in a pre-prepared sterilized jar with a tight lid. The sterilization process consists of treating the dishes with hot steam. Put the jar in a thermos, and immediately deliver it to a medical facility. The sooner you do this, the more accurate the test results will be.

Doctors still recommend extracting seminal fluid by masturbation in a medical institution. Of course, you can pass the sperm obtained during sex with a woman, but in this case, the secret from the female genital organs will also fall into her.

Getting results

How to prepare for the sperm analysis is an issue that concerns so many representatives of the stronger sex. Not only the established results will depend on your preparation, but also the correct treatment prescribed.

Even if the results of the analysis were bad, it does not mean that you will not be able to conceive a child. In most cases, the correct treatment is very effective. According to doctors, in ninety-five percent of cases after treatment, the couple manage to have a baby. However, it is very important to conduct a survey not only men but also women. After all, the problem may be hiding where it is not expected at all.

When analyzing it is very important to pay attention to the presence of bacteria in the spermatozoa, as well as erythrocytes and leukocytes. Most often, their presence indicates inflammatory processes that lead to the fact that seminal fluid simply can not perform its functions.

Quite often, sperm cells lose their motility because they begin to actively stick to each other. This phenomenon occurs very often, but getting rid of it is not difficult.

In order to obtain the most accurate results, it is recommended to carry out the procedure twice with an interval of three weeks. If the test results are very different from each other, then the third procedure will be carried out.

How to improve the quality of sperm?

Do not forget that the possibility of pregnancy depends not only on the health of the woman, but also on the health of her chosen one. The quality of sperm depends on the quality of conception itself. Therefore, it is very important to totally take care of your health. After all, a harmoniously developed child can only be born from healthy parents. So, to increase the chances of fertilization, a man is very important to eat right. To do this, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein foods, and at the same time abandon the extremely fatty foods. Also recommended moderate exercise and the use of vitamin preparations. Doctors recommend to pay attention to dietary supplements containing in the composition of folic acid, zinc, selenium, as well as tocopherol.

It is also very important to protect yourself from stressful states. To do this, you need to skillfully alternate the mode of work and rest, get enough sleep and leave work problems only at work. Remember, healthy sperm can only be produced in a healthy body. Stress causes hormonal changes, and they, in turn, significantly degrade the quality of seminal fluid.

Of course, have to forget about bad habits, and the use of any substances that cause addiction.

Preparing for spermogram is a very important process, which will determine the correct analysis results. Therefore, each representative of the stronger sex should do everything possible to implement conception. Only after receiving the results of the sperm can you determine how to move on. The establishment of the correct diagnosis, as well as the individual selection of treatment in most cases lead to the occurrence of the desired pregnancy. However, a lot depends on the man himself. So start doing your health right now. Change your diet, keep active, rest, avoid stress, get rid of bad habits and always take care of your health, and you may not need a procedure like spermogram at all. Take care of yourself!

What is spermogram

The analysis is carried out with the study of male sperm. In the study, macroscopic (color, texture), microscopic (number of germ cells, their mobility), chemical (acidity, presence of protein) indicators are evaluated. Depending on the presence or absence of abnormal parameters, a diagnosis is made.

Indications for analysis

The main reason is the determination of the ability to conceive. Other indications for semen:

  • determination of the need for surgery for varicocele (varicose veins of the testes) or treatment of oncology,
  • sperm cryopreservation,
  • the absence of children from a couple with regular sex life without the use of contraceptives for a year, miscarriages,
  • orchitis, prostatitis, genital trauma, hormonal disorders,
  • in order to obtain sperm in the framework of IVF (in vitro fertilization), artificial insemination,
  • rational pregnancy planning
  • inguinal hernia, dropsy of testicles, cysts of the appendages,
  • chlamydial diseases, mumps.

How semen analysis is performed

Depending on the size of the study, several types of semen are identified. Their features:

  • Basic - the main indicators are investigated.
  • Extended - added to the base MAR-test (determines the presence of antisperm antibodies), morphological analysis.
  • Biochemical - definition in the composition of fructose ejaculate, carnitine, zinc, alpha-glucosidase.

For the evaluation and structure of sperm function, phase contrast microscopy and hematoxylin staining are used. Indicators are divided into categories:

Within 3-4 days after the sample is submitted, results can be obtained in the clinic. Some laboratory concepts:

  • Aspermia - no ejaculate.
  • Oligozoospermia - a small number of cells in the ejaculate.
  • Azoospermia - no sperm in the biomaterial.
  • Cryptozoospermia - single spermatozoa detected after in-depth search.
  • Asthenozoospermia - cells are inactive.
  • Teratozoospermia - sperm pathological forms.

If the semen is bad, you can retake it again after 2 weeks. In case of doubt, the study is repeated three times in different laboratories.

Rules for the semen

To get the right result and eliminate the likelihood of error in the study, it must be properly prepared. Useful tips:

  1. For 5-6 days you need to carefully examine the state of health. Acute illness, exacerbation of chronic illness will distort the picture of reproductive health. For example, with the flu, most sperm cells die.
  2. For 10 days to refuse to visit the bath, sauna, solarium. The genitals heat up, leading to cell death in the ejaculate. The ban is imposed on visiting the beaches and the use of heated car seats.
  3. Psychologically tuned - the reproductive system works correctly from a good mood and calm. Before analysis, you can not be nervous, overexcited emotionally, to be depressed.
  4. Prohibited massage of the prostate and scrotum. The prostate will begin to produce a large amount of juice, which will make the sperm more fluid. Under the ban is also tight underwear.

Nutrition before analysis

Preparing for the sperm begins with the revision of the menu. For 7-8 days, it is necessary to refuse to accept hot dishes, spices, mustard, pepper, salted and smoked products, strong tea, coffee.

You can drink a drink from chicory, but you can not eat fatty, pickled, canned foods.

For 1-2 weeks you will have to eat a balanced diet - include protein foods, red meat, steamed fish, milk cereals, and vegetable purees. It is useful to eat baked pumpkin, fresh greens, raw fruits, dairy products, cottage cheese.


Alcohol liquefies sperm, reduces sperm motility, and chronic ethanol abuse causes cell mutations, increasing the risk of infertility and conceiving a child with genetic abnormalities. Narcotic drugs and nicotine act in a similar way.

Before spermogram alcohol is not allowed for 3 months. If this is not possible - in 7-9 days. Smoking should be abandoned at least on the day of the test, and preferably completely or reduce the number of cigarettes in half.

Medication intake

Between the last day of antibiotic therapy and the delivery of sperm should be at least 3 weeks, with hormonal treatment - not less than a month. The interval between taking anti-inflammatory non-hormonal, painkillers and analysis is 10 days, anticonvulsant and psychotropic drugs - 7 days.

When using steroids, research is possible 2 months after their refusal.

Physical exercise

When preparing for a spermogram, a man should lead a normal life, but in case of heavy physical work or professional sports, they should be limited to a week. Need to abandon night work and a visit to the fitness room, it is useful to get enough sleep. Excessive physical activity adversely affects the composition of seminal fluid.

The process of passing the biomaterial

Sperm for research is obtained by masturbation. This is more physiological than interrupted sexual intercourse. Allowed to collect material in a special medical condom without lubricant or disposable container.

You can get sperm in the laboratory (the spouse may be there) or at home. The first method is preferable, because the analysis will be performed immediately.

When collecting sperm at home, it must be delivered to the technician at least an hour later. In this case, the material must be in temperature conditions close to the temperature of the human body. To do this, use a thermostat or place a container in the armpit. The sequence of actions in the collection:

  1. To urinate.
  2. Wash hands with soap.
  3. Open container.
  4. Collect the ejaculate.
  5. Close the container, hand it over to the technician.

Contraindications to the analysis

At the semen there are a number of prohibitions. Contraindications include:

  • inflammatory processes in the body, high fever,
  • flu, infection, SARS,
  • acute inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system,
  • treatment with hormonal drugs, antibiotics, cancer therapy,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.