Changing the shape and volume of the legs with the help of fitness exercises


Most often, if the legs are beautiful and long, then the figure is different grace. Unfortunately, to increase the length of the legs with the help of physical education is impossible, but with the help of exercises you can improve the shape of the legs. The shape and volume of the legs depend on the thickness of the bones of the thigh and lower leg, as well as on the development of the main muscle groups. These muscles can be thin and weak or massive and also weak. It all depends on their training. By following our recommendations, you can correct some of the weaknesses of the legs.

Some girls want to increase the volume of the leg muscles. Include in each lesson 3-4 exercises with the number of repetitions of about 10. But do not strain the muscles to the limit, it can cause vascular injury.

Exercises to increase the volume of the thigh muscles

1. I. p.-standing. Squat with a printed ball (weighing 3-5 kg) in your hands. 10 times. 3 series with an interval of 20-25 seconds.

2. Exercise with a partner. I. p. with. Squatting with the resistance of a partner who is standing in front of you and pressing on your shoulders while getting up (stretching the legs). 10-12 squats. 2-3 series with an interval of up to 1 min.

3. I. p. - the same. Bend your legs slightly. Partner puts pressure on shoulders for 10 s. 3 series with an interval of 25-30 seconds.

4. I. p .-o. with. Squatting on one leg ("gun"). 10-12 times on each leg.

5. I. p. with. Crouch down, jumping up from the squat position (legs bent). 2-3 series 5-6 times with an interval of 30-45 s.

6. I. p. - the same. Repeatedly (5-b jumps) jump high up. 3-4 series with an interval of up to 1 min.

7. I. p. - lying on your back, with your feet, rest against the wall, hold your hands on the support. Try to straighten your legs for 4-5 seconds. 6-8 times with an interval of 15-20 seconds.

8. I. p. - the same. Resting against the wall, try to straighten each leg in turn. Each leg is 8-10 times with an interval for rest of about 10 s.

To increase the volume of the thigh muscles, I recommend cycling (simulator). Climbing uphill during 45-60 s is especially effective. Going down, take a rest. 5-b times.

Sometimes girls of thin-boned physique in a standing position with knees between their hips have a large clearance. It can be reduced or eliminated by performing the following exercises to strengthen the hip muscles:

1. I. p., Lying on his back. Bend your legs at the knees and spread to the sides, put your feet on the floor, put your hands on your hips from the inside. Connect your knees, hands, providing significant resistance. 2-3 series 6-8 times.

2. I. p. - supine. Squeeze the ball with your knees for 5-7 seconds. 4-5 series.

3. I. p. - the same. Straighten your legs and squeeze the ball with your feet for 3-5 seconds. 3-5 series.

4. Stand on slippery flooring or linoleum in felt slippers. Separate your legs, and now try to connect them, without taking your feet off the floor. First, do the exercise with the support on the back of the chair. 8-10 times.

Perform these exercises every other day for 10-15 minutes. A certain effect can be expected in 2-3 months.

If you have thin legs and you want to increase the volume of their muscles, then perform the following exercises:

1. While standing, hold the back of the chair. Rise on the socks. 3-5 series of 10-12 times.

2. Exercise is the same, but do it standing on one leg.

3. Stand on the rail of the gymnastic wall (on a bar or a thick book) so that the heels can hang down. Rise high on your toes, and then touch the floor with your heels for 25-30 seconds. 3 series.

4. Perform high jumps on both legs, almost without bending the knees. 3 series of 5-b jumps.

5. Perform the same exercise, but on one leg.

6. Sitting on the couch, legs straightened. Throw a belt on the plantar side of the foot (or one foot), and hold the ends of the belt in your hands. Bend the foot, pull off the socks, put pressure on the belt. First, two, and then each foot 8-10 times.

7. Sitting on the floor, legs straight, feet rest against the wall for 4-b. 3-4 series with an interval of 10-15 s.

In one lesson, include no more than 4-5 exercises for the muscles of the leg. Alternate them with exercises for your torso and arms.

Women who constantly wear high-heeled shoes often have a thickening of the gastrocnemius muscle, while its lower part, which passes into the Achilles tendon, remains thin. This disproportion can be eliminated by performing exercises to stretch and relax the gastrocnemius muscle. To do this, go every day for less than an hour without heels (barefoot, low heels). Spring squats are very effective, not taking the heels off the floor and touching the buttocks of the legs. They need to be repeated 12-16 times in 3 series. Perform the same exercise, but put socks on a bar or stand 5-7 cm high, while holding the support (back of the chair). Exercise daily 1-2 times for 3-5 minutes with a few pauses to relax.

Often, women have a poorly developed inner head of the triceps of the tibia, it is not relief, so the shin is flat from the inside. This disadvantage can be eliminated. To do this, bend the big and other toes, bring the foot inside. Resist this movement by hand or foot of the other leg. 8-10 times in 4-b series.

Some women have full legs, and they want to make them thinner. First of all, you need to get rid of excess fat that covers the muscles of the legs. The best way to do this is slow jogging, as well as stretching exercises. The duration of their execution is 15 minutes or more.

Exercises to reduce leg volume

Exercises are performed in a sitting position, with hands resting on the floor behind.

1. Alternately bend the legs, not lifting the heels from the floor, try to heels to touch the buttocks. The same exercise, but bend both legs.

2. Straight legs slightly apart and rotate them outward and inward.

3. Legs bent at the knees, put apart. Bring your knees out to the limit and join them.

4. Pull the straight leg forward, and the other pull, without bending, to a position where one leg becomes shorter than the other. Exercise can be performed with the advance on the floor back and forth (walking while sitting).

5. Bend your legs and, shaking, relax.

The above exercises should be performed in 3-5 series, with a duration of 25-30 seconds. with a break for rest 10-15 s. Perform them with full amplitude, stretching the muscles. Exercise alternate with muscle relaxation (shaking), as well as elements of self-massage. Put warm pants on your feet before workout and wind-proof trousers on them to cause heavy perspiration from your legs.

The defect, which can be seen in almost all women who are overweight, is the thickening of the upper part of the thigh laterally, the so-called "riding breeches". To eliminate this drawback, you need to get rid of excess fat, which is deposited on the outer broad muscle of the thigh. It can be removed using the exercises described above. We offer two more additional:

1. While standing, swing your foot to the side and inward. 30-40 times each leg.

2. I. p. - the same. Circular movements of the foot in one and the other direction.

Alternate these exercises with running, jumping, as well as with self-massage of the lateral surface of the thighs.

Improving leg shape with fitness

Physical activity is an effective means of correcting the shape and volume of the legs. Even the curvature of the lower limbs can be smoothed with the help of specially selected exercises. For example, with the O-shaped legs, lifting the legs on the side helps, lifting the legs with the support of the hands behind, squats in the inverted position, bringing the legs up while standing, walking with the socks apart. With the X-shaped curvature, squats with parallel feet, a butterfly exercise and walking on the outer edge of the foot are useful. But with the curvature of the legs in this way is quite difficult to fight. Fitness gives a much greater effect if you need to reduce or increase the volume of the legs. Depending on the chosen fitness program, you can pump your legs and thighs or, on the contrary, dry them, reducing them in volume.

Exercises for thin legs

To make your legs bigger, you need to build muscle mass. The growth of muscles is best stimulated by the exercises of power fitness. For pumping the legs are especially useful different types of attacks. In addition, you can use plyometric exercises (jumps) and isometric loads, such as squeezing the ball with your feet.

Strength fitness offers many exercises for the development of muscles of the legs. At home, you can use the following complex:

  • Clamp the ball with your knees. Perform squats. Sit in your squat, raise your arms above your head. Such squats strengthen the buttocks and tighten one of the most problematic parts of the body - the inner side of the thigh.
  • Pick up the ball. Position it in front of the chest. Bend your elbows and press to the body. Step forward and squat, bending the knee of the stepped foot at a right angle. Stretch your hands in front of you. Repeat the exercise 20 times, making the same number of lunges left and right foot. With it you can strengthen the triceps and biceps, muscles of the buttocks, calves and thighs.
  • Put a rolled towel on the floor and jump over it sideways. Try to land at a point 30 cm away from the towel. Jump for a minute.
  • A good load on the hips and buttocks is provided by bending down to the floor with the leg raised. Put the folded towel on the floor or any other object again: you will need to reach for it when making bends. Depart from the towel at a distance of 40 centimeters. Bend over and reach for it, focusing your body weight on one leg. Bend this leg a little. Bend your other leg too and lift it high, pushing it backwards. If the supporting leg is left, reach for the floor with your left hand, and put your right hand on the belt. Standing in the slope, count to twenty. Lower your leg to the floor and straighten up. Repeat the exercise with your other hand, respectively, and change the supporting leg. Do 4 repetitions. If necessary, complicate the exercise by putting weights on the legs. Such inclinations, like the previous exercise (jumping sideways), strengthen not only the muscles of the lower limbs, but also the stabilizer muscles.
  • Stand straight, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the ball. Step back behind your left foot, put it on the toe. The legs should be placed crosswise, that is, the left foot is retracted simultaneously back and to the right. Sit down, turning your hands to the right side. Look at the ball. After 2-3 seconds, return to the starting position. Do 3 repetitions in each direction. Diagonal attacks strengthen the legs along the entire length - from the buttocks to the feet.
  • Lie on your back, clamp the ball with your feet. Put your hands on the floor at the sides of the torso. Raise your legs straight upright. Take your hands on your hips. Forcefully squeeze the ball with your feet. Stop for 30 seconds. Put your feet on the floor. Repeat 2 times. Relax a bit and do another 2 repetitions. Exercise strengthens the calf, thigh, buttocks.

As a warm-up before the main set of exercises, you can work out on any cardiovascular machine for 10 minutes.

A set of exercises for full legs

The following selection of exercises helps to reduce large hips and calves. It consists mainly of swings, which dry the legs, making them slimmer and thinner. They need to be performed at a fast pace, doing many repetitions in a row. Complex exercises:

  • Lie on your right side. Support your head with your right hand. Bring the other hand forward and place the palm on the floor in front of the body. The left leg will be working. Holding the ball between your lower leg and thigh, lift and lower your leg for 30 seconds. Then swing your foot back and forth - 30 seconds. Repeat everything from the beginning, turning to the other side. In this exercise, the load is distributed mainly on the buttocks and the inner side of the thigh.
  • Lying on your right side, lean on your right hand. Put your shoulder upright, place your forearm on the floor, stretching it forward. Put your other hand on the back of your head. Ball clamp with two feet at the level of the ankles. Raise and lower both legs for a minute. Take a break and repeat the exercise. Then perform the same series of strokes, turning on your left side. Exercise not only burns excess fat on the legs, but also trains the abdominals.
  • Pick up the ball and lie face down on the floor. Pull your hands behind your head. Bend your legs. Raise the buttocks and lower back above the floor. Put your right leg on the toe, straighten your left leg and lift it, pointing it towards the ceiling. Awaken in this position for 20 seconds. On the next rep, lift your right leg up. Such lifts, in addition to training the legs, well strengthen the buttocks and back.
  • Lie on your stomach. Stretch your arms forward and lower on the ball. Lift your legs above the floor and make them move as if swimming. Lower your legs to the floor, get some rest and take another approach.
  • Stand up. Raise your arms above the head with the ball. Legs apart. Take turns transferring body weight to one or the other leg. Lift the free leg above the floor without bending. Support leg, too, leave straight. Do 10 repetitions. Exercise loads calves, abdominals and stabilizer muscles.
  • Jump high while holding the ball in your outstretched arms. While jumping, move your knees apart. Jump for a minute, then take a short pause. Repeat the exercise. In this way, the calf and femoral muscles are strengthened.

Various mahi well dried leg muscles, but you should not be limited to them. Slimming legs and contribute to cardiovascular: jogging, brisk walking, swimming, aerobics. For successful slimming of lower limbs, you need to do fitness often - up to 5-6 times a week. You can combine in one workout cardio load and a set of exercises, consisting of swings, jumps and lifting legs.

For those who want to increase the volume of the thigh muscles

If the problem is too thin legs, then they lack muscle mass and volume. Correct the situation will help the following exercises.
- Five minute walking step. For walking to be effective, you should walk on toes for thirty minutes, thirty seconds on the heels, on the inside and outside of the foot alternately.
- Wagging foot. Starting position: standing, leaning on the back of a chair or wall. Swing back, sideways. Twenty times each foot.
- Alternating lunges forward with both feet.
- Squatting on the socks using weighting in his hands.
- Jumping as high as possible up from a deep squat. To increase the load, you can use dumbbells. You need to perform ten times at intervals of half a minute. Four approaches will suffice.

For those who struggle with X-shaped curvature of legs

When the X-shaped curvature of the legs are shown horseback riding, swimming in the pool, running, cycling and skiing. Squats with crossed legs are also great. We cross our legs, crouch, and then try to get up without using our hands. At first it will be difficult, with time the exercise will be easier, and the result will be more noticeable. Before going to bed at night between your knees, it is recommended to put a straight hard roller and drag both legs around the ankles with an elastic bandage.

For those who struggle with the O-shaped legs

Immediately it is worth mentioning that such a curvature of the legs - the most difficult problem. It is not easily adjusted. But to improve the shape of these legs is still possible. It is necessary to include squats with legs wide apart in the training program.
Attempt not torture, and girls with a similar problem can be advised option with bandaging their legs at night, as is the case with the X-shaped curvature of the legs. Only should not drag the ankles, and knees.

And, of course, how not to say a few words about the visual correction of foot defects. For example, black tights make legs appear slimmer, and heels visually make them longer and more feminine. Remember these female tricks and then you will always be elegant and sexy!

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My feet are like u Sarah Jessica Parker. Thin, not the most unsuccessful, but you can't call them perfectly smooth. I do not know if Parker can boast a combination longitudinal and transverse flatfoot, but it was me who provided this form. When I stand relaxed, my knees turn inward, and the calf outward, and just below the knees between the legs is a rather large distance. And even lower, my lower legs meet with ankles littered inwards, and form quite noticeable corners with them.

Why are the legs crooked?

Strong crookedness from birth is a rare case: as a rule, most of the discontented ones have acquired “unsuccessful” legs as a teenager. “While the person is growing and the bones have not yet fully formed, the habit of walking and standing incorrectly - for example, carrying weight on one leg - aggravates flat feet and causes disturbances in the bone growth zone,” traumatologist-orthopedic specialist Ravi Kumar says. “Both become the cause of the curvature of the shape of the legs.”

Later, the role may also be played by cramped uncomfortable shoes (which Sarah and I love so much!), Profession features (for example, a jumper athlete or a driver with a box machine that uses one leg more than the other). As well as excess weight, especially if it has increased dramatically: under the weight of the whole “structure”, which presses not only from above, but also at the corners, the joints can move. "Like a pile of books, if you push it at an angle," explains the yoga instructor Yulya Makarova.

Считается, что среди женщин больше обладательниц ножек «иксом»: эту форму, особенно популярную среди косолапых героинь аниме, даже называют позой женского кокетства. Форма «о» чаще встречаются у мужчин, которые испокон веку сидели на крупе животного. Но, в общем, это разделение условное. «Самые ровные ноги, которые я видела в своей жизни, у индийских велорикш, — говорит Юля Макарова. - They walk a lot - it means that the joints are mobile and their legs are strong. The warm climate allows them to walk in flip flops all year round and not experience the pressure of cramped shoes. ” Sarah Jessica Parker and I were not so lucky in this life as rickshaws, but the situation can be rectified - there are ways to improve the shape of the legs!

Curved legs: plastic

Plastic surgery offers liposuction or lipomodelling: fat in problem areas can be removed or, conversely, increased by pinching it from the abdomen or thighs. The operation lasts about an hour, full recovery - up to two weeks. If this does not save, you can install silicone implants: they are inserted into the incision under the knee and placed between the muscles of the leg. But the consequences here are completely ridiculous: implants, excuse me, they can simply move out, and they will have to be removed, and most importantly, you can never play with them again! In general, here I did not find anything useful for myself.

Curved legs: orthopedics

During the two years of work in the club “LIVE!”, I usually got into the habit of sometimes not peculiar to young people to think not only about their appearance, but also about their health. And in the case of legs, I have long suspected that the curvature is quietly, day after day, hurts the whole body. “Yes, it hurts - and the spine, and joints, and, for example, the nervous system,” confirmed Ravi Kumar. - The cause and effect here can be interchanged. For example, on the one hand, damage to the joints can lead to a curvature of the shape of the legs, and on the other, deformation itself can cause arthrosis or another joint disease. "

Orthopedists can treat such causes of leg curvature as joint pathologies and flat feet. Insoles, orthoses, bandages and other devices, one has to be worn for a year, and another for ten years - until the symptoms disappear. “I went with insoles at school and now I look like it,” I thought, and I was going to order salvation for my legs at the price of 2500 rubles. Yes, only it turned out late. “After 18 years, when the arch of the foot has already formed, the insoles will not fix anything,” Ravi Kumar delighted me. - They are prescribed only for pain due to incorrect position of the foot. And the rest of the adults for the correction of the shape of the legs, we recommend gymnastics. "

Curved legs: fitness

Instructor "LIVE!" Tatiana Lissitskaya advises when the X-shaped curvature more ride a bike, swim breaststroke and learn to ride a horse. And on the legs of an O-shape it is better to skate, skate on skis, do body ballet and also swim. All this helps to eliminate the muscular imbalance in the legs, stabilize the joints, improve the gait due to toning the leg muscles. There are special exercises to correct the shape of the feet - just for those cases where the cause of the curvature of the legs lies in flat feet.

How to fix the legs? Home exercises!

Also at O-shaped legs help:

- exercises for adductor thigh muscles (flattening and spreading the legs while standing on towels, lifting the legs to the side lying down or standing sideways to the support, squeezing the legs of the chair with your knees and ankles),

- any exercise sitting with support hands behind (for example, raising the legs),

- exercises for the press with fixing an isotonic Pilates ring between the legs,

- exercises to turn the foot out of body ballet (for example, squatting in reverse positions) and walking in the position of the socks apart.

And if you got the X-shaped legs, try:

- squats in a position in which the legs are shoulder-width apart, the feet are parallel, the knees are above the feet,

- exercises in the sitting position, oriental, “butterfly” (knees to the sides, the soles of the feet are connected),

- walking on the outer arch of the foot.

Among yogis, the Iyengar school followers are especially interested in the problem of the shape of legs: in Moscow, even classes and seminars are held entitled Smooth Legs. Having gone to a couple of such classes, I, of course, did not fundamentally change anything, but the girls in the group shared that they had been engaged in more than a year and the effect was noticeable.

Yoga, aligning his legs, also trying to eliminate the imbalance in the tissues. “Muscles, ligaments, vessels, skin, bones change location due to a change in the position of the joints: for example, the bones of the tibia, turned around its axis inward, can return to the place,” says Yulya Makarova. - And in order to influence this structure, we strive to make the flesh homogeneous, as it were. From extremes to optimal: relax tight areas, soft strengthen. Look at and feel the outer and inner surface of the legs - from the outside they are denser, like a protective shell. The more uniform the legs, the smoother. "

In this case, it is believed that the bones, through practice, may also vary slightly. “The cells are being renewed,” says Yulya Makarova, “which means that a new form can be formed.”

Many usual asanas are practiced in the classroom, but they add emphasis on leveling the legs. The simplest example is to stand in a tadasana, squeeze a brick between your knees and, fixing it, line the joints of the legs. The props in the Iyengar method give a huge number of variations for alignment in various asanas: the legs are slightly tied with straps and pulled out with weights. But the arch of the foot must be learned to keep on its own - so that, without any adaptations in everyday life, walk and stand correctly.

But here you need to know the measure. “You can’t go too far: if you stretch the tarsus too hard with longitudinal flat-footedness, a cross will appear,” says Yulya Makarova. - Do not overstrain the legs. Muscles can be tense, relaxed, and their third state - in good shape. We work for this very state. ”

So, swimming, body ballet, skates, skis and yoga - such perspectives please me and my legs very much. In addition, since I became interested in this issue, I often correct the position of the joints and feet when I walk or stand.

Have you tried to change the shape of the legs? Do you know any ways?

The value of physical activities for the beauty of the legs

Female legs with poorly developed muscles can hardly be called beautiful. The soft tissues of the hips and legs consist of muscle and adipose tissue. If the volume of the muscles is insignificant, and the layer of fat deposits is significant, then in youth it may look good, but over time the fatty tissue loses its elasticity, cellulite, flabbiness, and sagging of the thigh tissues appear.

Legs with well developed muscles and thin fatty layer have a completely different appearance. They are smooth, without cellulite. Beautifully defined muscles give the legs a chiseled appearance and “play” when walking. In addition, legs with well-developed muscles are stronger and more tireless than limbs with weak muscles and a large percentage of adipose tissue.

The easiest way to achieve a beautiful shape of the legs, doing sports since childhood. From those who are seriously engaged in choreography, acrobatics, gymnastics and many other sports, beautiful sports legs have been formed since childhood. But if this opportunity was missed, do not be upset. Training the legs for girls will help improve their shape, strengthen their muscles, get rid of cellulite and excess fat at any age.

Too thin legs

Thin female legs are not always a disadvantage. As a rule, too thin legs look ugly in two cases:

  • when they contrast with a rather voluminous body,
  • when they have an ugly shape.

If thin legs have a good shape - strong muscles, pronounced calves, then the problem is most likely in their discrepancy between the large upper body. Most often this occurs in girls with the type of the figure "apple", "inverted triangle." When they gain weight, their fat is deposited on the shoulders, back, sides, abdomen, and the buttocks and legs remain “dry”.

In such cases, you do not need to strive to give more volume to the legs. Better to focus on losing weight, to eliminate the disparity between the upper and lower parts of the body. Lose weight and maintain a normal weight will help proper nutrition and regular fitness.

Too bulky legs

Many girls are unhappy with their "heavy bottom." Excessive leg volume may be due to:

  • fatty deposits
  • bulk foot muscles.

Often there are both of these factors. This problem is typical for girls with the pear type. Its solution must be approached differentially.

If there are significant fat accumulations - cellulite, "ears" on the hips, "rollers" above the knees, then you need to lose weight. The main mistake of many girls is that they are sure that fat can be burned locally by loading the muscles located under it. This is not true. Shaking the muscles of the legs, you will not get rid of covering their fat, if the body does not have a shortage of calories. When losing weight, fat burns evenly throughout the body, and problem areas, where it is deposited with the thickest layer, lose weight last.

Therefore, to remove excess fat and give the legs a chiseled shape, first of all you need to lose weight by dietary restrictions and increased motor load. In no case do not resort to diets, they are not effective. You can lose weight:

  • refusing harmful products with hydrogenated fats, large amounts of salt and sugar, chemical additives,
  • sharply limiting the flour, sweet, fat,
  • reducing portions to fist size and increasing the number of meals up to 5-6 times a day,
  • increasing the consumption of clean water to 1.2-2 liters per day,
  • increasing physical activity (daily brisk walking plus any type of fitness 3-4 times a week).

Exercises on the legs for girls with the problem of "heavy bottom" should be aimed at strengthening the muscles without increasing their volume. They are performed without burdens, in multi-repetition mode - at least 25-30 repetitions. A simple and effective set of suitable exercises is presented in the section “Exercises without burdens”.

Dumbbell exercises

Exercises with burdens can not only strengthen the muscles, but also increase its volume. To do this, you need to choose the right weight dumbbells. It should be such that you were able to perform no more than 8-10 repetitions. The last repetitions should be given hard and accompanied by a burning sensation in the muscles.

Instead of dumbbells, you can use plastic bottles with dry or wet sand.

As the muscles strengthen, the weight of the weights should be increased, so that you still could not complete more than 8-10 repetitions.

After training with dumbbells it is necessary to give the muscles time to recover, so do this complex no more than 1-2 days.

Be sure to start with warm-up exercises to warm up the muscles and joints. The best option for such a warm-up is articular gymnastics, which consists in rotating in both directions, alternately, of all the large joints of the body.

Building material is necessary for muscle growth, so the diet should contain enough animal protein - 1.5-2 g per kg of body weight.

It is very important to perform stretching exercises on the muscles at the end of the workout. Compare the legs of football players and ballerinas, they are subjected to a load of similar intensity, except that in ballet great attention is paid to stretching, and in football other qualities are a priority.

Plie with dumbbell

This exercise for the legs thoroughly loads the muscles of the inner thighs.

Place your feet as wide as possible, maximally turning your feet toes out. Take a dumbbell, weight or any heavy compact object in your hands.

Squat until your hips are in a horizontal position. Below the horizontal can not fall, it can lead to knee injury. Keep your body straight, your shoulders turned, do not lean forward. Do not move the pelvis back, as if slightly twisting it forward. Make sure that the loin is not rounded and does not bend, but remains straight - this will protect you from injury.

Down in the lower point, you should feel the strong tension of the internal muscles of the thighs. From the lower position push off the heels from the floor, at the same time squeezing the buttocks, and, slowly, straighten the legs, but not completely. The knees should remain slightly bent - this is also one of the safety requirements.

Pushing the heels off the floor with the buttocks squeezing is an important moment of technology, until you work out this exercise to automatism, remind yourself in every repetition: “push off, squeeze”.

The load should hang freely. Do not strain your hands, trying to tighten it. His rise should be carried out only effort buttocks.

Carefully follow the position of the body. If you bend over, pushing the pelvis back, it will be another exercise - sumo, not giving the load on the inner thighs.

Lumbar attacks

Attacks and deadlifts with dumbbells are the most effective exercises on the back of the thigh.

Stand up straight in the dumbbell lowered hands. Step forward as wide as possible. The further you step, the better. Feet should not be on the same line. For stability, there should be a small distance between their axes; the toe of the front foot is turned slightly inward. This is the starting position.

If you do not go far enough, the execution technique will break. All the burden will fall on the quadriceps, and this is not what we are trying to achieve. Moreover, in this case, when squatting, the thigh with the lower leg will form an acute angle, which is bad for the knee joint.

If the stride width is sufficient, you can check this way - in the lower position of the squat, the thigh should be parallel to the floor and form a right angle with the shin. The correctness of the execution can be controlled by the sensations - while moving, the buttocks and the back of the thighs should be as tight as possible, not the quadriceps.

From the starting position, go down, keeping the body straight and shoulders - turned. At all stages of the exercise, the spine must maintain a vertical position, it is not possible to round the back. In this case, the back leg should bend, the foot should go up to the toe, and the knee should almost touch the floor.

When the thigh of the front leg reaches a horizontal position, push off the heel, while squeezing the buttocks, and return to the starting position. Feet remain in place.

After doing the desired number of repetitions, change the position of the legs. One approach involves working out both limbs.

Deadlift with dumbbells

This exercise, like the previous one, works well and stretches the back of the thighs.

Stand up straight, legs apart for the width of the foot, dumbbells in the lowered hands in front, their axes in one line. We look straight ahead.

Our task is to bend, lowering the dumbbells as low as possible. However, keep in mind that the goal of this exercise is not to reach the floor with dumbbells. In no case should one round the back. The following requirements must be strictly observed:

  • the back remains straight at all stages of the exercise,
  • bending down, "slide" dumbbells along the front of the thighs,
  • when bending the knees, they bend a little, and the pelvis is retracted to the maximum,
  • when reaching the maximum possible tilt with a straight back, squeeze the buttocks for a couple of seconds, feeling the tension in the back of the thighs,
  • return to the straight rack effort buttocks, not the back muscles. The force of the buttocks should be the impetus for straightening.

Study of the legs

Ideal female legs should have sufficient calf muscles. It is considered beautiful when when joining the feet, the calves touch each other, and then gently taper towards the knees. Pumping calves is quite difficult, because these muscles are accustomed to constant loads. However, perseverance and patience will surely give effect.

You will need dumbbells or other burdens, as well as a platform 7-8 cm thick. This can be any elevation - a threshold, a curb, a fixed bar.

With the dumbbells in the lowered hands, stand up straight, placing the heels on the floor, and the front parts of the feet - on the platform. The knees at all stages of the exercise are slightly bent, “soft”. Keeping your body in a vertical position, slowly rise on your toes as high as possible and drop down until your heels touch the floor. In the lower and upper position, linger for a couple of seconds.

All these exercises with dumbbells must be performed in 4-5 sets.

Exercises without burdens

Bring your feet in tone, along with driving excess fat, will help a set of exercises that can be performed at home, lying on the mat.

  • Lie on your back, pulling your socks off and stretching your arms over your head.
  • While inhaling, straining your buttocks and pulling in your belly, turn around, without changing the position of your hands, on your right side.
  • On the exhale, return to the original position.
  • Perform a similar turn in the other direction, not forgetting to compress the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.
  • In each direction it is necessary to make 30 turns.
  • Lie on your right side, support your head with your right hand, and your left hand will rest on your palm in front of your stomach.
  • The stomach and buttocks are tense. We take the left foot forward to a right angle with the body, then we return it back and, without lowering it on the right, we lift it up to the maximum.
  • We lower the left leg and again, without putting it and not relaxing the abs and buttocks, we carry it forward.
  • Continue to perform alternate raises up and forward, constantly keeping your foot on the weight. Just one foot, you need to perform 30 cycles (forward - return - up - return).
  • Turn to the left side and perform 30 similar cycles for the right leg.
  • The starting position, as in the previous exercise.
  • Напрячь живот и ягодицы, поднять ногу вверх и описывать стопой круги – 30 вращений по часовой стрелке, затем – 30 вращений против часовой стрелки.
  • Повернуться на другой бок и выполнить то же самое для другой ноги.

Выполняйте эти упражнения через день, и уже через пару недель вы заметите первые положительные изменения.