The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Taisiya


But abilities are many, and they are very diverse. Accordingly, there may be several ways to implement them. Therefore, quite often you are faced with the need to abandon one possibility in favor of another.

It is good if you have enough prudence to focus on a specific goal, and to direct all forces to its achievement. It’s bad if you try to “chase after two hares”, not wanting to give up even a small chance of success. In this case, you risk wasting all your spiritual potential in vain, “spraying” it, putting it in the wind. And - to remain with nothing.

You should trust your heart more. He is unimportant external brilliance, all that tinsel, which is usually decorated with the life of artistic natures. Therefore, it is precisely at the right time that it will prompt you the only right decision. Try to “hear” him.

Characteristic name Taisa

You do not tolerate fuss, because they are slow in actions and even thoughts. You always want to do your job as best you can. But if you begin to urge or demand any urgent promises, you often withdraw into yourself. Sometimes you are considered a limited person, with whom it is difficult to find a common language.

You are able to sacrifice everything for the sake of a loved one, but often you do not see your mistakes. In addition, the desire to protect your loved ones can be harmful: excessive care in relation to children, and in relation to the spouse, causes them internal rejection and a desire to "free themselves".

There were cases when the Six remained unmarried / unmarried because of the great devotion to the father-house, driven by a sense of duty and responsibility to the parents.

Strict adherence to religious principles, the presence of strong convictions or an excessive desire for justice can be a source of many problems for you and your family.

Origin and meaning

The complex energy contains the female name Taisiya. Its origin is associated with the ancient Greek word "Ta ishios" or with the name Tais and they attach the meaning "belonging to" or "dedicated to Isis (Isis)" - the goddess of femininity and motherhood. Adapted versions of the translation of the name that came to us from the Byzantine culture is “wise”, “late”, “fertile”. It is not particularly popular in Russia, but you can’t call it rare.


The secret of the name Taisiya lies in the duality of character. All that is worthy of attention of such a girl is herself and the people around her. Depending on which of the interests prevails, it turns out to be either a cynical egoist, or an altruist full of desire to help others.

On the one hand, it can be a calm and serious girl who carefully examines unfamiliar adults, but is not at all afraid of contacting them. Compliant and obedient, Taisia ​​tries not to stand out among her peers, she easily perceives the process of training and education.

On the other hand, it is an active fidget. Inquisitive and prudent Taisia ​​is not only a diligent student, from an early age she is the leader of amateur school group. She is a very sociable child, she easily breaks up with her toys, she can even give her friend a favorite doll. Nevertheless, it can easily fight for the thing that belongs to it, which they want to take away by force. Often among the friends of such Taisia ​​are many boys. The girl is distinguished by straightforwardness and irreconcilability to any manifestations of insincerity or lack of agreement.

The most categorical in this regard is the winter owner of the name. It is almost impossible to deceive her, she tries to calculate several moves ahead. It has a good memory and the ability to notice and put in the head the smallest, but, nevertheless, important details of what is happening. Taisiya can protect not only herself, but also weaker comrades who seek support from her.

The spring child is a romantic and sentimental nature, loving fairy tales, which rereads even in adulthood. She is much more spiritually connected with her father, while relationships with her mother do not add up.

Born in the fall, Taisiya is an amateur of giving free advice and reading morals. She is also very artistic and has a good memory, is able to memorize entire poems by heart.

The summer child not only remembers and keeps tales loved in childhood, but also writes them herself. Possessing a rich imagination and imagination, this Taisiya is unusually artistic: she can imitate the voices of friends, manner of behavior, walk, or gestures. Thanks to her sparkling humor and anecdote in stock, she always stands out in any company that she simply adores. She needs to be the subject of universal attention and admiration.

Profession and business

Musical and literary abilities can lead Tay to the creative profession of a musician, writer, artist or teacher in this field. In the team, Taisiya is respected, since she is absolutely incapable of lying and has the ability to smoothly tackle conflicts with talent, stops gossip and gossip. As a professional, she constantly develops and replenishes her knowledge, without making the secret of seven secrets out of them.

Taisia ​​fails to boast of excellent health. She needs to closely monitor the condition of the internal organs. It is also worth taking vitamins and minerals in addition to avoid possible pharyngitis and their consequences.

Sex and love

Passionate and tender Taisia ​​does not separate sex and love. This is a relaxed and sexy woman who is very demanding of a partner. Outwardly, she is attractive, charming and always knows what she wants from life. She starts to be interested in men rather early, therefore she has no endgame fans.

Family and marriage

Taisiya is not in a hurry to get married early. The girl tends to be held as a person before the wedding. A successful marriage is concluded in adulthood. In the family she is a hospitable and welcoming hostess. She is the leader, she controls everything herself, although she doesn’t remove her husband from household chores. The spouse of such a woman becomes a noble, courageous man with a good sense of humor. As a rule, the owner of the name Taisiya has a strong, friendly and happy family.

The meaning of the name Tais: name, compatibility, characterization, origin

What does the name Tais mean?
Such a name as Thais has precisely two interrelated translations, so it is translated as “wise” and as “late.”

The origin of the name Tais:
The name Thais, first of all, was quite popular in Greece, and already in the modern world it was the more common female version of this sonorous name - such as Taisya.

Character transmitted by the name of Thais:
Little Tais almost never brings grief to her parents, he is always calm, balanced, he is generally rather phlegmatic. In early childhood, he has a bad appetite, which often upsets mother Thais. Moreover, the boy is not afraid of completely strangers, he willingly plays with numerous guests, and over time he always becomes very curious and incredibly attentive. This often helps Thais to study well and, not only at school, but later at a higher educational institution. Also, little Taisa practically has her own opinion on everything and parents really need to accept it, so if this kid wanted something, then she would get extraordinary tantrums or persuasion, but she will definitely get her way.

Thais is often practically obsessed with his own education and also of high-quality self-education. So, after graduating from university, he can often be given to scientific research, and sometimes even if he does not become a great scientist, then almost to a ripe old age he will certainly attend various conferences, courses and seminars in order to develop his own intelligence as much as possible. Thais always loves communication, he often tries to be in the very center of a large company. And this is a big rarity among truly intellectually developed people, and of course, therefore there are always an incredible amount of admirers of extraordinary talent of Tais. He also admires Thais with many talented people, he can often be seen, for example, at the premiere in the theater or simply at the exhibition of a new young but very talented artist. However, Thais himself is completely deprived in the creative sense.

And with girls, Tais, as a rule, has only two lines of behavior. Firstly, he can be a leader and even a tyrant, and secondly, completely led and even inactive. Depending on his own mood and situation, he is quite able to prefer either an experienced and incredibly strong woman, and sometimes he can choose a certain prude and simply touchy. And, despite what kind of woman Thais still chooses, she will still be happy in his marriage without fail. Tais always has a highly developed intuition, he, as a rule, finds exactly the very right life partner who will support and help him in all the most difficult moments. But children in the family Taisa, as a rule, no more than two.

The name Tais is captivating and beautiful! On the site you will find the history of the origin of the male name Tais, find out what it means and how it influences fate. If the name of the boy is Thais, the meaning and decoding of the name will help you learn more about your character and abilities. And checking the compatibility of the name Tais with other names will help you find your soulmate.

Characteristic name Taisiya

Winter Taisiya she loves to take risks, routine, monotony and boredom are abhorred. This independent woman is accustomed to rely solely on herself, and this applies not only to her work, but also to her personal life. As a result, she voluntarily imposes the entire burden of responsibility for family life, while her partner can only enjoy life behind this strong and strong-willed woman. But one should not think that winter Taisia ​​is an altruist: the time will come, and she will demand the same return from her chosen one.

Spring Taisiya - an open, sincere, romantic and sentimental nature who constantly lives in the world of dreams and illusions that prevents her from realizing herself in her career. Yes, and in family life, she also often has difficulties, because she is not ready to fully immerse herself in family life with her everyday difficulties. This woman is waiting for a real romance that will turn her life into a fairy tale. Only such expectations can lead to the fact that spring Taisia ​​will not be able to arrange his personal life.

Summer Taisia patient and practical. She calculates her every step, preferring to act rationally and logically, despite having excellent intuition. Just summer Taisiya is not ready to expose her soul in front of everyone, whose vulnerability is hidden behind a cheerful disposition and wit. Only with a strong, reliable and practical man can she relax and unleash her feelings. She will be able to fully reveal herself exclusively to her beloved man, who will earn her trust in her actions.

Autumn Taisiya pedantic and assertive. She always clearly knows not only her goals, but also the ways to achieve them, so it is not surprising that her career is always very successful. This woman loves to teach and advise, and she absolutely does not care if you need her help or not. She considers herself to be an authoritative adviser to whom to listen. The personal life of autumn Taisia ​​is harmonious and cloudless, because she carefully chooses a life partner who must recognize in her the leader and follow all the valuable instructions of her chosen one.

Stone - talisman

Opal and agate are the stones-talismans of Taisia.

This is a very deceptive stone, which inspires empty hopes, so it is not recommended to wear it constantly, especially on one hand. He is preferred by closed and secretive people.

Only those born in October and magicians who use a stone to strengthen the gift of clairvoyance bring opal good luck. In this case, it is desirable that you inherit the stone, then its positive effect will be maximum.

It is believed that opal awakens secret passions and vices in a person, and therefore it is contraindicated for people to wear it impulsive, unbalanced and prone to aggression. In addition, the dreamers and poets possession of products from opal threatens the development of schizophrenia.

This stone symbolizes love, faith and compassion. For example, Indians believe that he is able to ward off dark thoughts and any fears.

In Europe, opal was identified with happiness, hope, pure thoughts, as well as sympathy.

It is a mineral that can harmonize the environment, giving its owner eloquence and sociability. Also, agate protects against evil spells and any negative, as it takes negative energy on itself.

Black agate protects against disaster and black magic, giving strength of mind, strength and moral stamina. But it is impossible to wear products with black agate all the time, since it causes a feeling of sadness and longing.

White agate strengthens health, enhances creativity, gives confidence, calm, and also softness, pacifies temper temper and contributes to the acquisition of a serious relationship.

Blue Agate symbolizes longevity, stability, peace and tranquility, strengthens courage and endurance, pacifies anger. This stone protects against damage and the evil eye, drives away gloom and melancholy.

Red agate - a symbol of happy love and luck, inspiring accomplishments.

Green agate - it is the protector of the house, protecting family values ​​and warm relations between the spouses.

Pink agate - identified with a happy event and the good will of fate. Therefore, it is recommended to wear jewelry with it to gambling people and adventurers.

Gray agate - a symbol of justice, harmony, stability.

Yellow, pink, white and blue are the colors that bring good luck to Taisia ​​(read about them in the article "The Influence of the Zodiac Sign and the Color of the Name on the Life of a Person").

The number of the name Taisiya - 3 (more about this number, read the article "Elements, planets and numbers in human life").

Taisii patronizes the planet Venus, which can be found in the article "Elements, planets and numbers in human life."

Water is the element of the name of Taisiya (read about this element in the article "Elements, planets and numbers in human life").

Animal symbol

A horse is an animal of Taisiya, symbolizing power, strength, courage, fertility.

In Christianity, this animal with dual symbolism personified arrogance and lust, but at the same time, horse victory, courage, nobility and generosity.

In Islam, the horse is a symbol of wisdom, happiness and wealth.

In Europe, the horse's skull, located on the front of the houses, was designed to protect the house from unhappiness.

Among the Slavs, the horse is associated with death and burial rituals: for example, this animal was sacrificed and used as a guide to the world of the dead.

In the East, the horse symbolizes heaven, fire, speed, luck, wealth, perseverance, and also a good omen.

During the Middle Ages, a horse personifies sensual love and piety, while in the Renaissance it is arrogance and lust.

Signs of the zodiac that bring happiness to Taisia ​​are Libra and Gemini (you can read about these signs in the article “The Influence of the Sign of the Zodiac and the Color of a Name on a Person’s Life”).

Walnut and poppy are the totem plants of Taisia.

It is a symbol of hidden wisdom, longevity, well-being and fertility. Walnut helps to overcome the troubles and to survive in trouble without losing dignity. But at the same time, the fruit of this tree is a symbol of egoism.

Mack symbolizes freedom, optimism, cheerfulness and youth, which has a special charm.

Poppy is also a symbol of strength, health and fertility, which is associated with the germination of plant seeds.

In the East, this plant was attributed to the property of bringing joy and love. In addition, the poppy was associated with peace, beauty, success, peace and harmony.

In the Christian tradition, the poppy is a symbol of the approach of the Last Judgment, the sufferings endured by Jesus, ignorance and indifference.

Gold, which is the metal-symbol of Taisia, personifies the divine principle, majesty, chosenness, kingship, immortality, fame, wealth, nobility and wisdom.

Compatibility of the name Tais, manifestation in love

But you will not “fight” with those who are trying to create such an imbalance. “A thin world” for you is always “better than a good quarrel,” which means that the enemy should be turned into a friend, showing tact and diplomacy.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that you have many friends, and practically no enemies. You are always able not only to find a compromise solution, but also to “wake up the best feelings” in a person who has a negative attitude towards you.

However, simply knowing how to act in a given situation is not a choice. Opinion must be supported by action. And here your indecision often brings you. This is not timidity and no fear of consequences. Just fluctuations in the process of finding the best option. Life experience will help get rid of them.

Compatibility with signs of the zodiac

The name Thais will suit a boy born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, that is, October 24 to November 22. This sign will make Thais brave, decisive, perceptive and extreme-loving man.The natural desire of the owner of this name to remove the routine from his life will be fully realized under the influence of Scorpio, which will give him a taste for an active and intense struggle of life.

Pros and cons of the name Tais

What are the pros and cons of the name Tais? It is very difficult to give an unequivocal assessment to him, since some parents may like its rarity and unusualness, while others, on the contrary, will find it too unusual for our country. On the whole, it is positive that the name Tais is well combined with Russian surnames and patronymic names, and also has several nice abbreviations, such as Tasik, Taisik, Taik. The nature of the majority of the owners of this name also makes a good impression, so that it has no obvious drawbacks.

Thais' health is quite normal. However, he should pay attention to his back, move more and be protected from angina, which can haunt the owner of this name for a very long time.

Love and family relationships

In family relationships, Thais shows loyalty and responsibility. He often gives the reins of the house to his wife, whom he marries for love and will be greatly respected for many years. Marriage Taisa, as a rule, durable and strong. He is a good family man, loves his children, does not enter into empty conflicts, is ready to compromise, listen and understand his loved ones.

Professional field

In the professional sphere, Taisa attracts science, medicine and less business. The owner of this name can make an excellent historian, physicist, programmer, chemist, pharmacist, surgeon, psychologist, bank employee, official, head of a small business.

Named Thais does not note, since this name is not in the church calendars.