The value of the male name Zinovy


Since childhood, Zinovy ​​has a remarkable memory, he is very attentive - he heard everything and understood everything. He is somewhat cunning and cunning.
It seems that it will unnecessarily emphasize once again the femininity of the name Zinovy, and here even little can be changed by the fact that the consonant feminine name Zinaida has a completely different Meaning and origin. All the same, the consonance of the names and the similarity of their diminutive forms have done their job, so it is not surprising if, from childhood, Zinovy ​​would have to defend himself from ridicule and prove his courage more than once. This usually leads to the growth of painful self-love, and in some cases even the development of a pronounced inferiority complex - it all depends on how well Zinovy ​​overcomes the dangers of childhood and adolescence, as well as education.
In general, the energy of this name is characterized by sufficient activity and cheerfulness, if only the case was not complicated by increased vulnerability and susceptibility. It happens that heightened self-esteem with age puts Zinovy ​​on the path of agonizing self-assertion, which is reflected in career aspirations, in which ambition prevails over purely material issues, or it moves him to any kind of social activity, often protesting and not so important against what exactly.
Zinovy’s fate is much more successful, if he managed to overcome the issues of pride and relationships with others with the help of calm and good-natured humor. In the end, you never know who their names are, even if your name is Crocodile, this does not mean that you will bite and, like this beast, weep during the meal. In this case, Zinoviy usually manages to overcome the dangerous moments of the energy of his name, if not completely, then still largely. Moreover, cheerfulness and activity can serve him excellently in terms of family life, and in terms of satisfying healthy ambition, and the ability to sympathize and balanced gentleness will provide Zinovy ​​with excellent relationships with others. The only thing that in this situation is left for him to wish is a little more faith in himself and in his right to be who you are.

His best wife is Anna, Lyubov, Maria, Natalya, Polina, Tamara.

The meaning of the name Zinovy ​​in customs and folk signs:

November 12 - Zinoviy Sinichnik. Sinichkin holiday: wintering birds arrive: tits, goldfinches, bullfinches, jays, tap dancing, waxwings, etc. There is a small bird-titmouse, and she also remembers her holiday.

The meaning of the name Zinovy ​​in history:

Zinovy ​​(? - ca. 417) - Bishop of Florence. The nobleman, being young, converted to Christianity. Zinovy ​​had exceptional opportunities to resurrect people from the dead. The most common story is about how he resurrected a boy in the street, whom a cart pulled by oxen had just moved.

When Zinoviy’s coffin was transferred to the cathedral, it happened that they were touched by a dried-up tree, which immediately came to life again and was covered with leaves.

The meaning of the name Zinovy ​​- born of Zeus (ancient Greek). Zeus - the supreme god of the ancient Greek Olympus, the ruler of gods and people. The name is infrequent, but it exists in the countryside and in the city.
The main character traits: insight.
Zodiac name: Scorpio.
Patronymic that goes to children - Zinovievich, Zinovievich, Zinovievna, Zinovievna.

The meaning of the name Zinoviy option 1

The name Zinovy ​​of ancient Greek origin, a literal translation: Zeus power.

They have a patient, calm, very kind character. They are nice, love animals, do well in school.

They are very purposeful and conscientious people and never promise what they cannot do. Very devoted to their parents, always take care of them. Choose the profession of artist, doctor, engineer, architect, cutter. Good family men, in all inferior to their wives, almost never quarrel. Boys are born more attached to their father than to their mother. They always have a lot of loyal friends. They are fond of painting.

"Winter" - difficult people, they are stubborn, they love to argue for any reason - their colleagues have a hard time. “Spring” - are suspicious and vulnerable, they take everything to heart. Slow at work, but accurate and accurate, they do not tolerate when they are customized. In the morning they love to lie in bed. Their hobby is chess. Zinovy ​​loves to create different games with children that they make up. Some marry late because of their indecision and insecurity.

It is better for them to stop their choice on women who bear the name of Anna, Eve, Lyubov, Maria, Natalia, Polina, Tamara. But Hell, Alexander, Angela, Bert, Boredat, Juliet, Eugene, Claudia, Lilia, Tatiana are not suitable for them.

The meaning of the name Zinoviy option 2

Zinovy ​​- from the Greek. born of Zeus, colloquially. Zinovey.

Derivatives: Zina, Zinakha, Zinasha, Zinuha, Zinusha, Zinulya, Zinusya, Xena, Zyama.

Name day: November 12th.

Tits, goldfinches, bullfinches, waxwings come to Zinovia-tsinichnik - sinichkin holiday. That's why tits are sometimes called “zinky”.


Zinovy ​​is a patient man, calm, docile. Even a little timid, uncertain and indecisive, especially in "amorous" affairs. He takes everything very close to his heart - what complicates a lot of things in life, be it work or personal relationships. Marries, as a rule, late. But family life builds thoroughly and responsibly. In the business sphere it is collected, purposeful, he does not throw words into the wind and does not recognize the idle talk of others.

The meaning of the name Zinovy ​​option 3

ZINOVY - born by Zeus (Greek).

Name Day: November 12 - Holy Martyr Zinovy.

  • Zodiac sign - Scorpio.
  • Planet - Pluto.
  • Yellow color.
  • Auspicious tree - chestnut.
  • Covenant plant - carnation.
  • The patron of the name is the tit.
  • Stone mascot - coral.


Zinovy ​​- patient, calm, docile person, purposeful, businesslike, does not tolerate empty promises. Too close takes everything to heart, which greatly complicates his life. Neat, accurate. It is usually late to marry, because it makes women shy and becomes indecisive and uncertain in their presence.

The mystery of the name Zinovy

The name translates from ancient Greek as "zeus force», «living by the will of Zeus". Also matters "living godly».

The name came to us from Russia Byzantium. Patron saint of the name martyr Zinovy. He was born in Heghea, having remained with his orphaned sister, they distributed their wealth to the poor and began to serve the Lord. Zinovy ​​had the gift of healing, was elected a bishop by Christians. At the time of persecution of Diocletian died a martyr's death.

In the name of Zinovy ​​there is femininity, and here even the consonance with Zinaida is not so important, since these names have different meanings and origins. It is possible that since childhood, Zinovy ​​will have to prove his courage and avoid ridicule. In this fight, he can both harden and grow stronger, and get traumatized and an inferiority complex. Parenting here also plays an important role. A child should not develop self-love and an excessive desire to assert itself; these feelings should be given to him by the father and mother.

Zinovy ​​is active and cheerful, can be easily exposed to various social movements, often protesters, and for him it may not be so important against what. Ambition may for him prevail over purely material values ​​in his career. At the same time, since childhood, Zinovii has a wonderful memory, they are attentive, they notice everything, and they understand everything, and sometimes it may seem that they are a bit cunning and evil.

Life activity and cheerfulness will help Zinovy ​​in family and social life. He needs to develop a sense of humor and cultivate an understanding of what you just need to be what you are. Natural compassion and inner balance will ensure excellent relationships with others.

Zinovy ​​is a wonderful family man who knows how to give in to his wife at the right moment and who prefers to avoid quarrels. Zinovies are more attached to their fathers than to their mothers; as a child they already surround themselves with reliable, devoted friends. Among other hobbies often prefer painting.

In spiritual matters, it is better for Zinoviy to pay attention to the carriers of the names Eva, Maria, Lyubov, Anna, Tamara, Polina, and to avoid Alexander, Hell, Angel, Borislav, Juliet, Evgeny, Claudius, Lily and Tatyana. It is no secret that such trifles can be decisive in the matter of family happiness and well-being.

In dealing with Zinovy ​​you need to be careful in terms of not hurt his feelings, even by chance and joking. Otherwise, you will be caught in response, far from always harmless. On the contrary, sincere conversation will help to find a faithful and benevolent friend in his face.

People born in the winter months of this name are distinguished by stubbornness, love for disputes and discussions. In the spring months, on the contrary, they are unduly constrained, vulnerable, and suspicious. They perceive everything that happens around to heart, they like to sleep, and they hate it when they are driven. Chess is one of their main hobbies. Zinovii - lovers of games that themselves often come up with in dealing with children. Due to some indecision, marriage is often delayed for later periods of life.

Corresponding zodiac sign name: Crayfish.

Character: cheerful, active, sensitive.

Name colors: blue, brown, golden green, reddish orange.

Patrons Name: Saints Zinoviy Aegean and Zinoviy Tirsky.

Nameday: September 30, November 12.

Stone Mascot: Morion, Jasper, Amber.

Secret name

Zinovy ​​strong and noble man. He easily converges with people and cherishes friendship.

Winter Zinovy ​​is very difficult and stubborn. He likes to argue and finds any reason for this. In the work of such a male critic, because of what his colleagues are suffering.

Spring men are vulnerable and suspicious. They take everything to heart, each insult hurts them. In the work of such people are slow, accurate and accurate. They do not like haste and complete submission to anyone.

Zinovy ​​loves intellectual games, such as chess or checkers. Does not like to get up early and fast pace of life. Some of these men marry very late, because for a long time they cannot choose a partner.

Famous people

Zinovy ​​Chernilovskiy ((1914 - 1995) Soviet and Russian historian, professor)
Zinoviy Kolobanov ((1910 - 1994) Soviet tanker-ace, in the Great Patriotic War - senior lieutenant, commander of a company of heavy tanks, after the war - lieutenant colonel of stock)
Zinovy ​​Temkin ((1865 - 1942) Jewish public figure, one of the leaders of revisionist Zionism. Father of the composer Dmitry Temkin.)
Zinovyy Tsirik ((1924 - 2011) lint of drafts art. Soviet Ukrainian athlete, drafts composer, coach, judge and journalist)
Zinovy ​​Sominsky ((born 1917) Soviet architect)
Zinovy ​​(Zalman) Joiner ((born 1924) Moldovan Soviet musicologist, music critic and publicist. Honored Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1982).)
Zinovy ​​Shersher ((born 1947) pseudonym - Zinoviy Tumanov, Soviet and American singer, composer, artist, producer)
Zinoviy Yuriev ((born 1925), real name and surname - Zyama Greenman, Soviet and Russian writer and journalist)
Zinovy ​​Pak ((born 1939), Russian scientist and statesman, Minister of Defense Industry of the Russian Federation (1996-1997), Director General of the Russian Ammunition Agency (1999-2003))
Zinovy ​​Gerdt ((1916 - 1996) real name - Zalman Hrapinovich, (Soviet and Russian film and theater actor)
Zinovy ​​Lvovsky ((1881 - 1943) writer and translator of Russian origin. He received his education as an engineer-technologist, translated into Russian from English, French, German, Norwegian)
Zinovy ​​Dunaevsky ((1908 - 1981) Soviet composer)
Zinovy ​​Beletsky ((1901 - 1969) authoritative Soviet philosopher)
Zinovy ​​Korogodsky ((1926 - 2004) Russian theater director, professor, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
Zinovy ​​Rosenfeld ((1904 - 1990), leading Soviet architect and teacher. Merited builder of the RSFSR (1978). Winner of two Stalin prizes of the third degree (1950, 1951). Specialist in the field of housing architecture.)
Zinovy ​​(Zalman) Vilensky ((1899 - 1984) Soviet sculptor. People's Artist of the USSR (1980). Winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1948).)
Zinovy ​​Walshonok ((born 1934) Russian poet. Member of the USSR Writers Union (1969), Moscow Writers Union.)
Zinovy ​​Grzhebin ((1877 - 1929) Russian cartoonist and graphic artist, publisher)
Zinovy ​​Vogel (Soviet art historian)
Zinovy ​​Drapkin ((1900 - 1977) Russian film director, screenwriter and actor)
Zinovy ​​Vysokovsky ((1932 - 2009) Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema, variety actor. People's Artist of the Russian Federation.)
Zinoviy Peshkov ((1884 - 1966) birth name - Zinovy ​​(Zalman, some sources mention Yeshua-Zalman) Sverdlov, general of the French army, holder of fifty government awards)
Zinovy ​​Rozhestvensky ((1848 - 1909) Russian naval commander, Vice-Admiral (1904), Adjutant General (1904))
Zinovy ​​Birnov ((1911 - 1967) Soviet chess composer. Master of Sports of the USSR in chess composition)
Zinovy ​​(Zalman) Kopissky ((1916 - 1996) Belarusian Soviet historian. Doctor of Historical Sciences (1968).)
Zinovy ​​Slonimsky ((1810 - 1904) actually - Chaim-Zelik Slonimsky, Jewish scientist, inventor)
Zinovy ​​Zinik ((born 1945), his real name is Zinovy ​​Efimovich Gluzberg, Russian writer and critic in the Russian service BBC)
Zinovy ​​Kalik ((1908 - 1994) Russian scriptwriter and film director, editor, film director)
Zinovy ​​Otensky ((mind. 1568) theologian, orthodox debater of the XVI century)
Zinoviy Dosser ((1882 - 1938) revolutionary, Bolshevik, Soviet statesman)

Astrological characteristics

Zodiac: Scorpio
Name color: yellow
Radiation: 95%
Planets: Pluto
Stone Mascot: Coral
Plant: Clove
Totem animal: tit
The main character traits: receptivity, intuition, will

Planet: Moon.
Element: Water, cold, damp.
Zodiac: Cancer.
Color: White, silver, light brown, yellowish, greenish (sea).
Day: Monday.
Metal: Silver.
Mineral: Selenite, marcasite, beryl, white coral.
Plants: Lily, water lily, cabbage, cornflower, melon, cucumber, sweet flag, pansies.
Beasts: Owl, goose, duck, crab, toad, doe.

Name like phrase

H Earth
And And (Union, Unite, Union, UNITY, United, Together, "Together with")
N Our (Our, Your)
Oh He (Oh, Oh)
In Vedi
And And (Union, Unite, Union, UNITY, United, Together, "Together with")
EI (If, If, as well as the value of i - Unity, Unity, Together, Connect, Perfection, Union, Union)

Values ​​of letters of the name

3 - circular defense of the "I" from the outside world, high intuition, rich imagination. A person sometimes takes the position of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand.
And - subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. Externally, a person shows practicality as a screen to conceal a romantic soft nature.
H - a sign of protest, inner strength not to take everything, indiscriminately, a sharp critical mind, an interest in health. A diligent worker, but does not tolerate "monkey labor".
About - deep feelings, the ability to handle money. To complete the implementation, however, a person must understand his purpose. The presence of this letter in the name shows that the goal has been prepared for it and you need to use your rich intuition to distinguish it from the bustle of existence.
B - sociability, communication with life, unity with nature. Creative personality, looking to the future.
And - subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. Externally, a person shows practicality as a screen to conceal a romantic soft nature.
Th - subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. Externally, a person shows practicality as a screen to conceal a romantic soft nature.

In other languages

Chinese (how to write in hieroglyphs): 季 諾 (Jì nuò).

Japanese: ジ ノ (Jino).

Korean: 지노 (jino).

Yiddish: זינא (Zynʼá).

Greek: ზინო (zino).

English: Zino (Zino).

Zinovy ​​grows up calm, patient and kind child. He is flexible and does not cause problems to parents. Zinovia distinguishes love for animals. At school, the boy learns well.

Zinovy ​​grows up as a purposeful and conscientious person, although in the mornings he likes to lie down in bed for a longer time. Zinovy ​​takes his promises very responsibly and never promises what he cannot do. Colleagues can not be easy with this man. Winter Zinovy ​​stubborn and likes to argue. Spring Zinoviy can be slow in work. However, it remains neat and accurate and does not tolerate it to be customized. Most likely, he will choose the profession of a doctor or engineer, artist or architect. Painting is often the hobby of this man, and chess is more characteristic of those born in spring.

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Numerology of the name Zinovy

Those lucky to be born under a deuce will not have to worry about having good friends and public recognition - personal talents, diligence and the ability to understand people will certainly lead deuce to personal success. Ей чужды насилие и грубость, зато она легко находит пусть к сердцам и душам людей через понимание и доброжелательность.
Встретив человека под знаком двойки, берегите его: скорее всего, вы нашли доброго друга, наставника, а в некоторых случаях — вполне возможно, спутника жизни. Не спешите судить о двойке по скромной манере, ведь то, что внутри, двойка открывает далеко не всем.

Значение букв в имени Зиновий

З - rich imagination, intuition, touchiness. Owners of this letter in the name often seek to protect themselves from the outside world. In relationships, they are distinguished by consistency and are able to live with their chosen one their whole life.

AND - fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities. They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he will be able to live until the end of days. Loves to take care of loved ones.

ABOUT - open, funny and cheerful person. Those who are present in the name of the letter "O", hardworking and have creative abilities. For them the professions associated with strategic thinking and economics are ideal. They are friends only with reliable people who are trusted.

AT - sociability, optimism, love of nature and art. People with names that begin with "B" choose professions related to creativity. They are great musicians, artists, fashion designers and writers. Despite the passion, the choice of a partner is extremely responsible and able to live a lifetime with one person.

Th - the owners of this letter in the name have an impulsive and explosive character. Often not able to communicate with people. For a more accurate meaning, look at the other letters of the name.

Name like phrase

  • H - Land
  • AND - And (Union, Unite, Union, UNITY, United, Together, "Together with")
  • H - Our (Our, Your)
  • ABOUT - He (Oh, Oh)
  • AT - Lead
  • Th - Izh (If, If, as well as the value of i - Unity, Unity, Together, Connect, Excellence, Union, Union)

Name Zinovy ​​in English (Latin)

Completing the document in English, you must first write the name, then the middle name in Latin letters and only then the last name. You may need to write the name Zinovy ​​in English when applying for a foreign passport, ordering a foreign hotel, placing an order in an English online store, and so on

Compatibility of the name Zinovy, manifestation in love

At first glance, this is the life of a saint. But not everyone is pleased with the constant care and obsessive manifestation of participation. Even the closest people can get tired of everyday care. Moreover - to suffer, since, eliminating the need to do anything at all independently, you deprive them of the opportunity to develop, turning them into “plankton”.

So, sooner or later you will surely hear a reproach. And your confidence that self-sacrifice is truly capable of bearing the fruits that you had hoped for will be dealt a cruel blow. Then instead of satisfaction, you will get frustrated.

Therefore, the desire to cherish and protect should be limited to reasonable limits. Remember this, and your peace of mind will be saved.

Characteristic name Zinoviya

Your foundation is home and family, you are always faithful and magnanimous to those you love. But your penchant for the pleasures of life and luxury often makes you too indulgent towards family and friends. Sometimes, you do not notice the shortcomings of people who enjoy your location.

Surprisingly, despite innate kindness and the ability to sympathize, you can be very stubborn, ruthless and domineering. Being the head of the family (or feeling like one) you do not like when you are contradicted or acted in your own way. In such cases, you can be very strict in the requirements for discipline.

Surprisingly, you are often threatened by loneliness - because of your excessively high ideals of love and marriage. Do not make such a mistake, because your full development is possible in family life.